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Top 10 trending products on Aliexpress for 2016

10 most trending products on Aliexpress in 2016

1. USB Flash Drive which looks like a Credit Card

flash drive credit card aliexpress
USB Flash Drive which looks like a Credit Card

This trending product on AliExpress.com is actually pretty cool. Get your own USB Flash drive disguised as a Credit Card. You can choose between several layouts such as MasterCard, American Express or even a Dollar Print. Get your own prints on the USB Flash Drive Credit Cards if you order at least 50. Cool merchandise for your business or just a cool gadget for yourself. Get the flash drive with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Price: Depending on the storage size and print but between 2-10$. Definitely cheaper than in your local electronics store anyhow.

Buy USB Flash Drive Credit Card from AliExpress.com here

2. Segboard / Self balancing scooters

3. Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality is the new buzz word in 2016. In the future we will probably see Virtual Reality playing a bigger role in our everyday life including entertainment. On AliExpress.com Virtual Reality glasses are a trending product in 2016 and you have more than 20.000 search results when searching on ‘Virtual Reality’ on AliExpress.com . Virtual Reality glasses are pretty expensive and when they first came out they where not really affordable for a household with a normal income. However, on AliExpress.com you can these days find Virtual Reality glasses pretty cheap actually and they work just fine. Most Virtual Reality glasses on AliExpress.com cost around 20$. That’s not bad at all! Take a look at the big wide selection of Virtual Reality products on AliExpress.com .

Buy Virtual Reality Glasses on AliExpress.com

4. The Selfie Stick

Selfie stick aliexpress
This selfie stick from AliExpress.com only cost 4$ and how been ordered more than 30.000 – Definitely a popular product on AliExpress.com in 2016.

Most of you probably know the selfie stick by now. It’s hard to enter any major city without seeing lots of Asian people walking around with their selfie sticks. The selfie stick, however, is probably not too fancy walking around with but can be quite helpful if you want some good pictures of the entire family on vacation or other occasions. On AliExpress.com you can probably buy the cheapest selfie sticks of all places. When you search for selfie stick on AliExpress.com almost 4.000 results shows up. That’s a lot. On AliExpress.com you can buy a selfie stick down to the price of only 2$. However, I recommend spending at least 10$ on a selfie stick in order to get one in good quality that last. The most popular selfie stick on AliExpress.com has well over 30.000 orders!

Buy Cheap Selfie Stick on AliExpress.com here

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