3 cool drones to buy at affordable prices

Drones have become very popular in recent years. Drones like we know them today are a piece of technical toy or a gadget to play with. However, there is no doubt that drones will evolve from being a toy to be a flying item that can that can accomplish great things – for example, to record a video for the news, or to send items back and forth between people. How drones are going to evolve in our society is hard to predict – but one thing is certain, it will be interesting to follow the influence and development of the drones.
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Also Researched Top 30 Bestsellers Drones with camera on Amazon.com


What is a drone?

A drone is like a remote-controlled helicopter – it’s just much more technical and can be used for many different things. Some drones have a built-in camera or you can attach your own Go-pro camera. So you can use a drone to make great recordings of for example your city, of the landscape, or what terrain you are flying in. Some of the drones can fly up to 300 meters into the sky, so there is a lot of opportunities to get some cool videos in from the air. So basically, a drone is a technical helicopter that can be used as a toy or for other practical things: for example, taking photos and making videos or even spy on something.

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Here are 3 cool drones in 3 different price categories which suits different needs. They are all at very good prices cause I show you where to buy them straight from china where they are made and then you can save serious money by skipping the retailer.
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JJRC Nano drone is one of the cheapest and smallest drones on the market. Especially if you buy it straight from a Chinese wholesaler for only 18$. That’s really cheap for a drone. This drone though doesn’t have many functions. It’s basically just a toy but it’s quite fun to fly around with and for the price of only 18$ this drone is a must have. If you crash, fuck it. Buy a new one. It has around 100-meter control distance and it has 4 built-in LED lights. This is a fun and cheap toy. Buy it here.

This drone is super cool. The G-maxtec X-series Quadcopter is a bit bigger than the small JJRC Nano drone above. It has wifi and a camera underneath. You can attach your mobile phone to the controller in order to see real-time video transmission while flying the drone. How cool is that? You can buy the drone here for just 60$ with free world wide shipping.
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If there is a certain drone which is awesome, it’s undoubtedly the DJI Phantom, with it’s unique design looking like a bird flying in the wind. DJI Phantom is also one of the best and most technical drones – all over the world. With a GoPro camera, the DJI Phantom is the best and most professional drone to date. You have to see the drone before you can imagine how great it is! It’s a bit expensive but you will get a cutting edge technology and very high quality. The drone is very good to use for surveillance or high-quality video capture. Buy the drone right here.

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