Best place to buy a cheap segboard

Segboards has become quite popular at the last and i must admit, even though it looks a bit stupid driving around on a segboard, its actually pretty fun. I owe one myself and I use it quite a lot on errands and I’m also having fun driving around inside my apartment and for example from the couch to the fridge getting beers.

What is a Segboard

For those of you who don’t know what a segboard is, let me explain real quick. Segboard is a self-balancing board that you can use to transport yourself with, basically instead of walking or running. It’s super easy to use and anyone can drive it.¬† The segboard went viral when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown started to promote it in music videos and on Instagram. After that, a lot of online shops opened and started selling the Segboard. These shops buy the Segboards straight from a supplier in China and you can do the same too. Cut the middleman and save some money. What I have found for you, is the best place to buy a cheap Segboard online.

Buy cheap Segboard online

Click on the pictures below in order to buy a cheap Segboard. The price is only 255$ with free and quick delivery РSave over 100$ compared to the retail price. Find many Segboards right here. My favorite is definitely the Segboard in carbon look!

Good luck finding yourself a cool and trending Segboard. Remember there are lots of different types and colours right here.

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