Best Solar Power Banks on Aliexpress

Power Banks have been known for a while as a smart little portable device to take with you containing power to charge your mobile phone with. Most power banks can charge your phone 2-3 times before they need a recharge themselves and most of them in sizes that fit your pocket. Power banks are great when going on a trip or if you are away from civilization for some time. Most Power Banks on cost in between 5-20$ and is a cool gadget to have.

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Though lately an even cooler version of the Power Bank is on the market, which is the Solar Power Bank. How cool is it to charge your phone with 100% pure solar power? has various of these Solar Power Banks. Here is a selection of the ones I recommend.

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This ultra thin metal Power Bank with a 12000mAh battery has a clean and slim design. You can choose it in colors of gold or silver. It has a cool feature with a built-in LED flashlight.
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