4 cool Bitcoin items to buy on Aliexpress

Bitcoin is a digital currency which has become very popular over the years. Bitcoin is a decentralized non-traceable currency which you can use to send and receive payments with. You can pay many places on the internet with Bitcoins and by now there are also many physical stores receiving Bitcoins. I’m a huge fan of Bitcoins and use them myself. You can buy pizza, electronic products, web-hosting and even replica watches from MegaWatch (store closed)can you pay for with Bitcoins.


As a fan of Bitcoins, I like to show my support to this digital revolutionary currency. Therefore I went on AliExpress.com to buy some Bitcoin merchandise. Here is what I found 🙂

1. Gold Plated Physical Bitcoin

Buy physical bitcoin aliexpress
This is my lucky coin. This good-looking gold plated physical Bitcoin is a super cool Bitcoin merchandise and I have it standing for the show at my office desk. Bitcoins itself are non-physical so I think it’s fun to have a physical bitcoin. Of cause, it doesn’t present any real value but to show your support for Bitcoin this item is great. Buy the Physical Bitcoin here >>

2. Bitcoin Bracelet

buy bitcoin bracelet aliexpress
I love this Bitcoin Bracelet. The thin leather strap cord and the small Bitcoin medallion with the Bitcoin logo on it and the small binary numbers surrounding the logo. It fits me perfect and looks good together with my Rolex Replica Watch from Aliexpress.

3. Buy Bitcoin stickers

bitcoin sticker aliexpress
With a Bitcoin sticker, you can take part in spreading the word about Bitcoins with the world. Personally, I have one of my Bitcoin stickers on the back of my laptop so when I work at different cafe’s or travel the world, people can really see that I support Bitcoins. On AliExpress.com there are lots of different Bitcoin stickers. You can also buy one of the “Pay with bitcoin here” stickers if you have a business that receives Bitcoin as payment.

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Buy Bitcoin stickers here >>

4. Buy Bitcoin Miner on AliExpress.com

Buy antminer on <a href=
I don’t have much experience mining Bitcoins but I know that you can buy Bitcoin miners on AliExpress.com for a pretty decent price. The best miners for a cheap price for home usage would be the Antminer. Buy Bitcoin miner on AliExpress.com here >>

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