Buy cheap but good quality sunglasses on AliExpress

In this blog post, I will write about how you can buy cheap but good quality sunglasses on AliExpress. I, myself buy many sunglasses on AliExpress because I have a webshop based in Europe selling sunglasses. I buy sunglasses on AliExpress from prices ranging from 2-5$ each, and selling them online at my store for 40$, so I make quite a good profit margin on these sunglasses.

In the following, I will list some of the models that I find trendy at the moment. These sunglasses are not necessarily replicas, in fact, most sunglasses on AliExpress are without a brand on it and therefore categorized as no-name sunglasses that you can buy for yourself or even sell them online, just as I do. It is possible to buy brand replica sunglasses on AliExpress, like Ray-Ban or even popular Louis Vuitton sunglasses. I will write about these brand replica sunglasses in another blog post. First of all, let’s take a look at popular fashionable no-name sunglasses to find on AliExpress. continuously buy these sunglasses to sell in my shop and I can, therefore, promise you, that the quality is really good compared to the price.

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Here are some examples of good quality sunglasses from AliExpress

sunglass1This is a very popular wayfarer unisex sunglass with handmade bamboo on the side – You can buy these fashionable sunglasses on AliExpress for only 5$.
sunglass2Buy these smart and trendy sunglasses on AliExpress for ONLY 2.19$ – They are in surprisingly good quality.
sunglass3This very popular pair of sunglasses from AliExpress is identical to a certain Ray-Ban model, just without the RB logo on it. You can buy these good quality sunglasses for only 2.50$ right here.

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