5 reasons why you should buy a Daniel Wellington Replica watch

Daniel Wellington replica watch boxDaniel Wellington watches has become very popular these days and I clearly understand why. The watch is really classy and stylish and not too expensive for most people to buy. I owe a couple myself and has both tested real and fake Daniel Wellington Watches. Still, I recommend that you buy a replica and save at least 90% off the price. Here are the concrete reasons why I think you should buy a Daniel Wellington replica watch INSTEAD of a genuine one.

Buy a Daniel Wellington Replica Watch because

1. The genuine Daniel Wellington watches are manufactured in China just like the fake Daniel Wellington watches.

2. The quality of Daniel Wellington replica watches is often the same or close to the genuine one.

3. The price for manufacturing of a Daniel Wellington watch in China is around 5$ including distribution and the watches are sold for nearly 150$ which gives Daniel Wellington themselves and the retailer a HUGE profit on each watch.

4. You can buy Daniel Wellington replica watches straight from the supplier in China for around 5-10$ in pretty decent quality

5. Most Daniel Wellington replica watches you find on AliExpress.com for a price between 20-40$ are often genuine watches straight from the same factory as the real watches because the Chinese supplier is making a side business for a bigger profit by selling the watches to Chinese wholesalers.

So all things considered, I wouldn’t use 150$ of my money to buy a genuine Daniel Wellington watch and make the founder even richer. Especially not when you can get the same quality for a fraction of the real price and if you are lucky you even get a genuine one when buying from AliExpress.com . No matter what, most people will not be able to tell the difference between a fake Daniel Wellington and a real one. The inside of the watch is also just a normal quartz clockwork which is cheap to manufacture so you are basically paying most of your money for the brand when buying a genuine Daniel Wellington.

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