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I highly recommend buying e-cigarettes from . Recently I bought an e-cig starter kit as shown on the picture to the left. I bought it from for only 10$ including shipping. This is really cheap for a pretty decent e-cigarette starter kit with two cigarettes, a charger and a case for the cigarettes.

The e-cig starter kit is from a brand named eGo and I have seen them being sold at various online stores for prices between 30-50$ for this starter kit. So, there is a lot of money to save by buying this eGo e-cigarette starter kit directly from instead of through a physical store or an online store. The e-cig starter kit arrived within few week and as you can see on the link below, the seller of the e-cigarettes has plenty of good reviews. Product – Latest Original Eleaf iStick 75W Pico TC FullStarter Kit Mini Atomier Vaporizer Firmware Upgradeable in Compact Size W/O Battery

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I use my electronic cigarette daily and it works flawlessly.

Buy e-cigarette starter kit from for only 10$

You can choose the e-cig in different colors and with different battery sizes. I prefer the big battery although it makes the e-cig a bit bigger, it also makes it last longer on a charge. The good thing about getting 2 e-cigs from this starter kit is that while using one, the other one is charging.

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The supplier that I bought my e-cigarette from also has a lot of other great products within the e-cig category. It’s a great supplier on for e-cigarettes called Vape Plus. Visit the store here and check their large selection out. They basically have everything you need in what regards to e-cigarettes and e-cig equipment. Vape Plus is the best store on for e-cigarettes. They have lots of different e-cigarette kits ranging from starter kits to highly advanced ones with big batteries.

I hope you find a good and most importantly cheap e-cigarette to buy on .

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