Find out where to buy a good quality Daniel Wellington replica watch

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand from Sweden, which has become very popular these days all around the world. The original ones have an affordable price of around 150$, but guess what, you can buy identical replicas with same quality directly from the supplier in China trough AliExpress.


There is a lot of suppliers on AliExpress offering Daniel Wellington replica watches, some of them down to a price of only a couple of dollars. I recommend, however, that you buy the ones which are a little more expensive, otherwise you are getting a piece of crap. I found a good supplier, who has a good rating, and a high grade of satisfaction. This supplier also has a great range of the various models. The watch comes with an original Daniel Wellington watch box. Don’t worry about the pictures of the watches without the Daniel Wellington logo on them. It’s only for the sake of copyright. When you get your Daniel Wellington Replica watch delivered. The Daniel Wellington logo is on the dial of the watch, exactly as on the real ones. Find the link to the supplier below

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Daniel Wellington’s High Replica watch and box from Ali

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When you buy your new Daniel Wellington Watch, you want to make sure to pick for the right gender. For women,  the watch has a dial diameter of 36mm and men’s are 44mm.
Enjoy your new Daniel Wellington replica watch and feel free to post a comment and share your experience if you buy one.

Watch our short video review of a Daniel Wellington Replica watch bought from

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

    Check out this store on Aliexpress. They have lots of different replica watches including Daniel Wellington and Rolex.

    Check it out and let me know if you find what you are looking for.


  2. Wow. This is great! I checked out the site with the link you provided above, and the prices are definitely lower than the original, especially if you have someone who is obsessed with watches and the different looks and styles. And with Christmas coming up in a few months, time to start shopping. And as it is coming from China, I know it takes a while to get whatever you order (at least it does on Ebay), so now would be ideal. Thanks for sharing this. Time to start shopping! 🙂

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