8 great Pokémon items to buy on Aliexpress

1. Pokémon Go T-shirts

Buy Pokemon Go T-shirt on <a href=AliExpress.com
Why don’t show your dedication to the new and popular Pokemon Go game by buying a cool Pokemon Go T-shirt? On AliExpress.com you can find various t-shirts with the Pokemon Go logo on it and other cool Pokemon Prints. My favorite is this grey Pokemon t-shirt and yes, I’m definitely wearing it while I’m catching Pokemon. Pokemon T-shirts on AliExpress.com only costs around 10$ and most stores have worldwide free shipping. Get your Pokemon Tee now >>

2. Pokemon Lego Model Figures

Buy Pokemon lego figures
If you have kids or are a child yourself these Pokemon Lego Figures are a pretty cool toy. Collect multiple different Pokemons and put them together. Get Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard and much more. Buy them here on AliExpress.com >>

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3. Pokemon Badges

Buy Pokemon Badges on <a href=AliExpress.com
Show the world what you are worth with these Pokemon Badges. Collect Pokemon Badges as you win Pokemon Tournaments and advance as a Pokemon Trainer. This is a fun and cool Pokemon Item to take with you into the real world. Wear the badges while you hung Pokemons with Pokemon Go in the real world. Buy Pokemon Leauge Badges here >>

4. Pokemon Pokeballs

Buy pokeballs <a href=AliExpress.com
If you are tired of throwing with virtual pokeballs after virtual pokemons in the Pokemon Go game, you can buy the real deal on AliExpress.com and throw a real pokeball instead. Buy a real pokeball with a pikachu or other Pokemon inside on AliExpress.com >>

5. Pokemon Plush Toy

Buy pokemon plush toy on aliexpress
If you have small children yourself or are going to a kids birthday party in your family a Pokemon Plush Toy would be a perfect gift. Find various Pokemon Plush Toys on AliExpress.com . Take a look at this cool and cute Pikachu above 😀 Buy cheap Pokemon Plush Toys on AliExpress.com right here >>

6. Pokemon Go Plus Wristband

This is a must have for real Pokemon Go fans. The Pokemon Go Plus Wristband is a small Bluetooth device that lets you play Pokemon go when on the move and not able to look at your smartphone. The small device notifies you when trough vibration and LED light when there is a Pokemon or a Pokestop Nearby. This is a super cool Pokemon gadget. Buy Pokemon Go Plus on AliExpress.com >>

7. Pokemon Phone Cover

AliExpress.com Buy Pokemon phone cover on <a href=
On AliExpress.com you can find many different Pokemon covers for your smartphone. They have many covers for both iPhone and android phones. Check this cool cover out above which looks like a Pokeball. Buy Pokemon phone cover on AliExpress.com here >>

8. Pokemon Cards

Buy pokemon cards on <a href=AliExpress.com
The good old Pokemon Cards. I remember I was collecting these as a child. Some are still collecting and some Pokemon Cards are even rare and worth lots of money. On AliExpress.com you can buy Pokemon Cards. Right here >>

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