How rich is the founder of Daniel Wellington Watches

fake-daniel-wellington-watchIn two words: VERY RICH. Rich enough that the founder of Daniel Wellington, 30-year-old multi-millionaire Filip Tysander, just bought the most expensive apartment in all of Scandinavia. The apartment is a penthouse located on top of Hotel Continental in Stockholm with a 360-degree panoramic view over the city. The apartment is just sold to Filip Tysander for the price of 12 million US dollar. The young Swedish bachelor is absolutely making a great amount of money on his watch brand Daniel Wellington, which were founded back in 2011 with his savings of 30.000 dollars. The watch brand quickly became very popular and a huge success for the 30-year old swede.

According to official numbers, Filip Tysander has sold Daniel Wellington watches for more than 180 million US dollars, which makes him one of the richest young bachelors in Scandinavia.

Well done Filip. You have to give him some credit. Started out with night shifts on Mac Donalds and worked his way up. What a great success story and Filip deserves the success and the money that follows. But, he is rich enough now. Created a brilliant brand and made som really good looking watches. I own one myself 🙂

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