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How to Choose Purses with Conceal Carry?


Conceal carry weapons are advantageous as it ensures security and keeps you prepared in an emergency. Choosing a purse for a concealed weapon must be safe, accessible, stylish, and comfortable.

Numerous retail outlets and online stores design suitable conceal carrier purses and bags. This article illustrates everything one must consider when acquiring a concealed firearm purse.

The essential feature that the bag must include is a holster in a secure, specialized compartment separate from your bag’s central area. The right size and security features include a lock and slash-resistant shoulder straps.

Definition of Concealed Carry

Concealed carry or carrying a concealed gun (or weapon) is the habit of bearing a handgun hidden from public view. Onlookers can’t tell that you’re carrying a firearm. Open carry is the counterpart of concealed carry.

In some jurisdictions, citizens must acquire a concealed carry weapon permit. While in others, a concealed carry permit is a legal requirement only if the weapon isn’t within public view. Concealed carry entails the gun being in a purse, handbag, bag, briefcase, trunk, etc.

Benefits of Carrying Concealed

Benefits of Carrying ConcealedThe primary advantage of carrying concealed is preventing you from being a target. Additionally, hiding your weapon protects the people around you from unnecessary worry. The correct firearm must be comfortable to shoot and hide.

Although legalizing arms remain controversial, statistics reveal that the right to carry contributes to a safer society. Essentially, it’s a legally recognized understanding that holding arms keeps people safe.

Considerations When Choosing a Purse for Concealed Carry

Choosing a Purse for Concealed CarryA crucial consideration when choosing a purse for concealed carry is that it must have a compartment dedicated to the firearm. It’s dangerous to drop a loaded weapon loosely into a bag.

If you don’t properly store your gun in a secure section, different elements of the bag could accidentally trigger a negligent discharge, causing severe injury or fatality. Ensure that nothing can interfere with your gun. Typically, there are purses explicitly designed for concealed carry.

Many retail stores and online sites have a wide assortment of bags and purses with specialized, secure compartments and holsters to protect your piece. Additionally, they’re designed for ease of use and accessibility. There are also right-handed and left-handed options.

An excellent example of where you can acquire concealed carry purses is Gun Toting Mamas (GTM). You could also obtain your firearm, holster from the Justin West line on Amazon.


Considering the size is vital as you want to avoid printing. Printing is when the outline of your gun is visible in your bag. Your purse will avoid printing if its size is larger than your firearm and the bag’s material is thick. Generally, leather is the best material to hide your weapon.

Ideally, your purse must be small enough to maintain comfort and always kept on your person. Yet, large enough to ensure your weapon is sufficiently concealed. If you prefer to have a small bag, a subcompact automatic, like a Glock 43, won’t challenge your style too much. A small purse assists with easy access in the event of an emergency.


The security features of your concealed carry purse are simple to follow. First, accessibility is the main priority. Ensure there aren’t too many obstacles to retrieving your firearm if need be. Again, placing your piece in a secure compartment eliminates accessibility issues.

Secondly, some purses have a unique compartment with a locking feature- brands like Browning, Vince Branch, and Roma Leather sell bags with a lock. A lock is necessary to restrict children’s access. Generally, these purses are designed with access and security in mind. Again, all you’ll need to do is familiarize yourself with the features.

Thirdly, the bag or purse’s shoulder strap is a relevant security issue. Most bag thefts involve grabbing the strap and running. Acquiring a more secure shoulder-strapped bag ensures you don’t lose your firearm in a grab-and-run robbery.

Another way thieves steal purses is by slashing the bag’s strap with a knife. Again, the material of your carrier is a relevant feature to consider when buying a concealed carrier. A slash-resistant bag enhances your safety. Travelon Anti-Theft bags are fashioned with anti-slash straps.

Some straps have a metallic element that can’t be cut. These have a wire or steel mesh woven into the bag’s fabric, strap, and design. Another security option is to carry your purse’s strap across your body and not over the forearm.

The fourth security consideration is always keeping the weapon on your person. Too often, concealed carry purses are left behind. Your gun must be with you at every stage in public. All these aspects are relevant to maintaining your security.


Comfort is one of the more relevant aspects when deciding on the right concealed firearm carrier. Size, straps, style, material, accessibility, and ease are comfort features. You must enjoy your purse and feel at ease with your option. If you’re comfortable with your carrier keeping it on your person won’t become a safety issue.

Types of Purses for Concealed Carry

Numerous carrier styles cater to your concealed firearm. Moreover, various retail houses include Women Sarah, Montana West, Roma Leather, and Browning Alexandria, and these sell a vast selection of bag styles.

Cross Body

The cross-body style bags have longer straps. As mentioned above, wearing your bag across your body increases the safety of your contents and better prevents theft. Typically, the actual purse is smaller than regular forearm bags. As they are worn tight to one’s body, they increase the control of the pack.

Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag style is the norm in fashion. When thinking about a woman wearing a bag, one usually imagines it’s across her shoulder. This is probably one of the more comfortable positions to wear a bag. It isn’t restricting and promotes ease of use. However, this isn’t the safest option.

Shoulder bags come with two equally size straps, a long-strapped option, and short handles. Usually, the actual size of the bag is a comfortable medium, perfect for concealing a firearm.

Tote Bags

The tote bags are a larger and more casual alternative to shoulder bags. The large size of tote bags ensures that your firearm is adequately concealed. However, the everyday appeal of the tote bag could tempt one to throw the piece in the main compartment. Remember to holster your firearm and secure it in an individualized section.

How to Choose the Right Purse for Conceal Carry

Style is a crucial factor when deciding on the right purse. Of course, it would help if you wanted to always keep this accessory with you. With the suitable style, this won’t be a chore or a hassle. Instead, it’ll be a privilege.

Shopping for purses and bags, even for a loved one, is a great way to spend your time. So, have fun choosing the right handbag.

Assess Your Lifestyle

When deciding on the correct purse style, you must assess your lifestyle.

  • Do you have, teach, or work with children?
  • Are you a government employee?
  • Do you work in a government establishment?
  • Do you carry your concealed weapon to church?

It’s essential that you know your state’s legislation regarding carrying a concealed weapon.

Measure Your Weapon

When deciding to own a gun, consider the size, caliber, and various features. Carrying a firearm in a handbag is a versatile option for all gun sizes, types, and brands. Additionally, a bag provides more comfort.

The bag must accommodate the gun covered with its holster. It must not squeeze into its designated compartment. Concealed carrier bag retail stores will usually have a chart to assess gun size to bag. Furthermore, you must leave enough room for additional necessities.

Consider Your Comfort Level

Comfort level is also determined by lifestyle, job type, and social situation. It’s best to own different bags for different daily or nightly events.

If you’re a woman reading this, you probably already own a variety of purses and bags that suit not only the event but also different outfits.

Typically, women own one go-to bag that takes care of everything. Ensure it fits the necessary dimensions and safety features.


It’s crucial to remain vigilant about your firearm in social situations.

Carrying a concealed weapon is beneficial as it’s necessary to protect and prepare you. An obscure weapon won’t frighten or startle those around you. It’s crucial to stay as safe as you can in a violent world.

The size, material, style, comfort level, safety, and wearability are all relevant features when buying the right concealed carrier purse. Assess your lifestyle and measure your firearm. Take time when researching the best bag. Have fun shopping.

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Browning Concealed Carry Purse, Premium Holstered Handbag with Safety Locking Option, Catrina (Charcoal)
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  • Premium materials | constructed from a durable pu leather that provides a rich color and smooth feel
  • Lockable zipper with hidden key ring | ensures secure access to firearm or valuables. Keys can be conveniently, safely stored on hidden key ring fob that is attached to the purse strap
  • Quick access pocket with holster | versatile right and left access to a locking zippered holster pocket; a removable holster can rotate and adjust for personal comfort and the right angle AND grip
  • Size | Dimensions: 3. 5” x 11. 5” x 9. 5” strap length: 30-54” drop length: 14-26” CCW pocket Dimensions 7" X 8"
SaleBestseller No. 3
Dual Pistol Holster Chest Bag - DegeTMVe Concealed Carry Sling Bag Shoulder Fanny Pack Crossbody Bags Tactical Range Gun Convertible Backpack for Shooting Hunting iPad
  • High Quality Material *** Made of high-quality sturdy zippers, 1200D polyester IP45 waterproof nylon fabric, Lightweight and ergonomic, The design of military-standard nylon webbing is widder and more durable, Breathable mesh sandwich pad of the back protects your chest, Smooth and wide shoulder strap is very friendly to your comfort;
  • Three Compartments *** The tactical chest dual pistol bag has three compartments which all are lined with Velcro cloth, So you have enough room to arrange your attachments scientifically and reasonably; The main bag: 11.5”*8”(in), have a mezzanine(can fit for iPad Pro 11) and two zipper mesh pockets; Middle bag: 11.5 ”*8”(in); Front bag: 9”*7”(in);There are 4x zipper pockets, 1x phone pocket, 1x Molle, 1x Velcro on front;
  • Concealed Carry Bag CCW *** The tactical dula holster chest sling bag includes 2 universal holsters suitable for most of handguns. The three compartments can be equipped with both of the universal holsters, which are left and right ambidextrous hands, which fit small subcompact, compact, and even full size pistols and revolvers, such as FORT line, Glock, Colt and other short-barreled weapons;
  • Multi-functional Usage *** The dual pistol holster bag can be used as chest bag, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack through adjust the long shoulder strap: 80 inches length and 2 inches width;Besides, the double pistol holder can be removed, so if need, you can not only use the chest sling bag as the pistol bag, but also use the chest shoulder bag as the usualcommon normal bag, the chest sling bag can fit the iPad Pro 11
  • Package Contents *** 1X Multi-use Tactical Sling Pistol Chest Bag, which is at least $29.99; 1X Triple Mag Holder at least $12.99; 1X US Flag at $5.99; 2X Pistol Holster at least $15.99; 1X Long Shoulder Strap with dual adjustable ends at $5.99, all sum up total about $72.99, but now AT SALES just need $42.99; So please don't hesitate to buy it and if have any question, please email us via amazon and we are always here for you
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M-Tac Tactical Bag Shoulder Chest Pack with Sling for Concealed Carry of Handgun (Black)
  • Concealed carry sling bag - Dimensions of main compartment approxi 10 x 8 inches - Total height 16"
  • Universal pistol holster inside of front pocket - Hot-pull strap for quick eccess to the gun
  • Material: 100% Polyester canvas 600D, covered with PVC for wear resistancy and water repellency
  • Organize your accessories in five compartments and carry one gun bag for handguns
  • Perfect mens tactical sling bag for concealed carry of pistol
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Pvnoocy Tactical Sling Bag EDC Bag Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Chest Pack for Range Camping Hiking Cycling and More Outdoor Sports
  • 【Tactical Sling Bag for Quick Draw】 Dimensions approx 7.87"*3.93"*11" / 20*10*28CM (L*W*H) Weight: 0.49KGS. The package includes the holster as the picture, fits all sizes of pistol from a compact to full size with ease. With a quick-pull strap left out the main compartment, you can pull it to disengage the zipper to quick access to your firearm.
  • 【Durable Material & Sturdy Metal Zippers】The concealed carry bag pack is made from heavy-duty 800D nylon fabric, covered with PVC for wear resistancy and water repellency, tough and durable. The reinforced sewn at all strength points are built to last. The metal zippers are sturdy, and they glide well with no snags.
  • 【Great EDC Bag for Men】 Look like a low-profile daily used bag, which avoid any unwanted attention in public! Compact but versatile, perfect for running, travelling, cycling, shooting, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, climbing.
  • 【Large Capacity with Multi-Compartments】 The tactical sling backpack features 6 x zippered compartments design which provide larger capacity for your essentials. Big enough to hold 9.7inch iPad, headphones, water bottle, charger, keys, smart phone etc.
  • 【Easy & Comfortable to Carry】 The thick mesh padded shoulder straps will not pinch you under heavy duty, comfortable to wear it all day long. The length of shoulder strap is adjustable. Two clips on the sides can switch between left and right depending on your body type. And you can wear on your chest, back or shoulder as you want.
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Tactical Chest Sling Pistol Bag - LarKoo Concealed Carry Handgun Chest Crossbody Pack Holster Shoulder Bag for Right Left Hand Ambidextrous
  • HIGH QUALTITY&PERFECT SIZE - Made of high-quality sturdy zippers, nylon material and polyester fiber,1200D Oxford fabric has ultra-high density, good wear and water resistance. SIZE: 10.4”x 7.2” (in)
  • CCW PISTOL HOLSTER - The main Holster compartments of the shoulder bag is 10.4” x 7.2”x 1.6”, fits for small subcompact, compact, full size pistols and even revolvers.The built-in soft padding can protect your firearms well during storage and transport
  • FRONT LAYOUT - The ccw bag includes 6 compartments and one phone pocket for carrying and easy access to your pistol and other essentials like pocket knife, phone, keys, documents, etc. Wear on your chest, back or shoulder.
  • RIGHT&LEFT AMBIDEXTROUS - Whatever you are right hand or left hand, you can wear the sling chest bag well according your need
  • CONCEALED CARRY PISTOL POUCH - Works well subcompact-sized guns like the Ruger LCP and 380 or other similar sizes; The Compact model fits well with a wide range of guns from the Glock 43, 26, and 27 to the M&P Shield, Ruger LC9; The large sized and even full size pistols and revolvers can be used just as the gun within the length of 8".
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G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag Pack with Pistol Holster Sling Shoulder Assault Range Backpack for Concealed Carry(Black)
  • HIGH QUALITY --- Made of 600D Polyester. Not easy to break.
  • GREAT SMALL EDC BACKPACK --- The whole pack is 10.6*5.9*8.6 inches. Weight:1.7LB. With 2 zippered side pocket as quick access for small necessities like coins, tissues, card.
  • WITH PISTOL HOLSTER --- Come with a pistol holster with magic sticker fixing the pistol, hidden in the back compartment with double zipper. The top of the compartment opens by zipping about 3-4” down each side and magic sticker along the top along with a shoulder strap with clip. keeping your CCW stayed in place. ALL COMPARTMENT are equipped with SBS zipper with tab, quiet and high quality.
  • MULTI POCKETS --- 3 front pockets, 2 side pockets,1 main compartment suitable for 9.7" iPad, 1 pistol/back compartment. The main compartment and one of front pockets is designed with zippers and magic stick for double safe. It comes with a switchable sling shoulder strap which can be up to 109cm and a removable waist strap that can be up to 96cm. Super soft and ventilated padded back cushion for your daily activities.
  • SLING PACK FOR Outdoor Activities --- covert and easy for you to take out items. SUPER COOL AND CONVENIENT. Also Suitable for day trips, day hikes, daily walk-around, go gyming, cycling even camping.
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Allen Company Girls with Guns Concealed Carry Casual Tomboy Clutch Purse, Camo
  • LOCKABLE CONCEALED CARRY: Concealed carry pocket is padded to keep your firearm safe while an attached key fob discreetly keeps your concealed carry keys readily available
  • CONCEALED CASUAL PURSE: Gold hardware design accommodates right & left-handed users
  • ACCESSOIRES: Includes an adjustable/removeable cross-body strap & has convenient long metal zipper pulls
  • TACTICAL SHOULDER BAG: Back zippered pocket & interior main compartment help you organize all your accessories & gear in style
  • SIZE: Purse measures 10-inches long x 6.5-inches wide x 2-inches high
Bestseller No. 9
G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag Backpack with Pistol Holster Military Shoulder Backpack for Concealed Carry(Black)
  • DURABLE & WATER RESISTANT: The tactical sling bag is made of durable 900D Polyester with waterproof coating, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Double-stitching for heavy-duty zippers, to make them last for a long time.
  • GREAT EDC BACKPACK & FREE GIFTS--- Tactical Sling Pack size approx is 12.9 * 13.8 * 5.9 inches. Weight: 1.7LB. Small size but has adequate space for carrying a 14” iPad, safety glasses, ear protection, spare magazines, wallet, etc on daily basis. Come with 6 PCS Free Gifts Accessories -- 1x USA Flag Patches, 1 x D-Ring Spring Lock Buckle, 2 x D-Ring Tactical Carabiners, 2 x Tactical 360 Rotation D-ring Clips.
  • MULTI POCKETS --- 1 main compartment, 1 holster/back compartment, 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets. A bungee cord in the front pocket for securing small items, the main compartment has a laptop compartment that fits 12.9 inch iPad and several interlayer pockets to keep the item organized. Super soft and ventilated padded back cushion for your daily activities. With 2 zippered side pockets as quick access for small necessities like coins, tissues, and cards.
  • WITH PISTOL HOLSTER --- Come with a holster with a magic sticker, hidden in the back compartment with double zippers. The top of the compartment opens by zipping about 3-4” down each side and a magic sticker along the top along with a shoulder strap with a clip. keeping your CCW stayed in place. ALL COMPARTMENT are equipped with SBS zipper with tab, quiet and high quality.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN& MULTIFUNCTIONAL---Tactical sling backpack has an adjustable and comfortable padded single shoulder straps and also has added waist strap to keep the bag from swinging around your body as you move with it or bend down. Equipped with Molle Webbing and front load compression system Y strap for expansion. Perfect sling pack for the gunman. You can use the small tactical backpack as an EDC sling pack, chest bag, handbag, tactical, pouch, first-aid kit, a diaper bag, and so on.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag, Black, 7.75 x 9.25 x 2.25
  • Main compartment with tamper-secure zippers has left-right reversible gun holster
  • Gun holster secures to rigid back wall of compartment for secure draw
  • Designated pockets for pepper spray and a knife; tethered key clip with led light
  • Front slash pocket and rear zipper compartment
  • 7.75x2.25x10
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