How to make money with Aliexpress in 3 easy steps

How I make 4.000$ a month selling products from

You probably already know it, but is a marketplace where you can buy really cheap products from wholesalers in China and other Asian countries. You can buy almost anything from all kinds of clothes to electronics and even cars and cutting edge gadgets.  Most people who buy on buy products for themselves, but did you know, that there is a big potential for making good money buying products on and resell them for a good profit. In fact, everyone can do it and I already make quite a large amount of money each month reselling products that I buy on . The profit margin can be huge. Most products I sell has a profit margin of 200%. I will give a few examples of good products to sell later on.

Now is a great time to start, it has never been easier to make money with . So if you are up for earning some money as part or full-time income, please keep reading.

Here are 3 easy steps teaching you how to make money selling products from .

1. Find the right products to sell

Buying the right products to sell is essential since you don’t want to get stocked with a bunch of unsellable products. There are few different ways to find the right products to sell at the right time. You have to look for trending products. Look around on your social media accounts and check if you can spot any trending and upcoming products and then go to and make a search for it. Trust me, if the products on your friends Facebook and Instagram, it’s on as well. Another way to find trending products is by checking online marketplaces for inspiration or even go to your local shopping mall, and check out products or ask in a store which products sell best. The best and quickest way, though, is to find popular and trending products on  itself, check out the bestselling products section right here. The smart thing about is, that you can even see, how many sales a specific product has.

Here are some examples of products from that I sell for a quick and dirty profit:

Sunglasses has many great fashionable sunglasses and they are often really good quality compared to the price. Most sunglasses I buy for between 2-5$ and sell them for around 20-30$. Great profit.

Best selling jewlery on aliexpressJewelry
I often sell jewelry a bit cheaper than sunglasses. The cost is around 1-2$ for a piece of jewelry and I let them go for between 10-20$. Still really good profit. I have great success selling a specific type of bracelet though which gives extraordinary many sales and good profit. The beaded bracelets which are very popular and trending at the moment. You can buy them for as little as 2-4$ and I make 40-50$ a piece. That’s a sick profit and a great part of my reselling success. It’s about finding that goldmine.

2. Find a platform to sell your products on

I will recommend the following platforms for selling your  products:

– Sell them on your own e-commerce store with easy to use Shopify. Get your free 14-days trial here and try it out.
– Sell your products on Ebay or/and Amazon
– Sell them on classified ads websites or/and facebook groups / forums.
– You can sell the products physically at a flea market.

I recommend you use more than one of these options in order to maximise your profit.

3. Market your platform

Now you have determined which products to sell and where to sell them and now you have to get customers. If you sell your products on sites like Ebay and Amazon the customers are already there and you don’t need to do too much marketing and the same with facebook groups or forums. These platforms are great ways to reach a big audience. However, if you are more ambitious, consider making your own e-commerce with Shopify. Shopify is great, easy to use and only cost 29$ a month for a basic subscription. I use Shopify with big success and it generates over half of my total revenue. If you start your own e-commerce, market it on social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. All of which are great tools to drive traffic to your e-commerce. Also, consider buying som ads on both Facebook and Google.

So how many products do you need to sell in order to reach 4.000$ a month and make a living selling products from ?

That really depends on which products you sell and what the profit margin is. Let’s take sunglasses for this example. The average profit on sunglasses from is 25$. To reach 4.000$ you need to sell 160 pairs a month, which is 5 pairs a day. Not too unrealistic ha? Especially not if you are using all platforms and is active on social media promoting your products.

That’s it. Good luck and have fun making money with . Leave a comment if you have any question regarding earning money with .

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