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Insta360 Camera is a new technology that changes the way you see the world. You attach the camera to your mobile phone and then it lets you take incredible high-resolution photographies and videos in 360-degree panoramic view. Insta360 Camera is perfect for your Instagram and Facebook photos and if you like making videos on Youtube this Camera is a must for making great videos with your phone. The HD video quality is surprisingly good and the picture quality as well, taking into consideration that it’s a pretty small mobile camera.

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There are different models of the Insta360 Camera. The Insta360 nano if you want a small handy panoramic camera for your phone or, the Insta360 4K Camera with 4K HD video recording if you want the really good video camera. The Insta360 4K camera is a bit bigger, though.

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With this camera, you will really get at the top of your Instagram and Youtube game.

Here are som different features that the camera offers:

– 360° Spherical photo & video
– Share with your friends via SNS
– Dual 210° Fisheye Lens
– 3K Ultra HD Quality
– Live streaming
– 800mAh Capacity

Insta360 is the smallest 360° Spherical camera in the world and one of the coolest features about the camera is, that the package case can be transformed into a Virtual Reality case in one second. This camera gives you lots of different opportunities and can be widely used in lots of different scenarios. The Camera is compatible with Apple iPhone.

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