How I make 1000$+ a month with Aliexpress affiliate program

This is no secret. I make 1000$+/month on this website, Besides being a good blog that provides value for the reader about replica products, it’s also an affiliate website. I mostly recommend products from since it’s the world’s leading marketplace website that connects primarily Chinese wholesalers with the rest of the world. has a lot of replica products and it’s a good and safe place to buy from and most importantly, their affiliate program offers good commission on referrals of costumes.

How you can make money from affiliate program

This is your question and first of all, you have to register for the affiliate program right here. Next, you have to figure out how and where you will promote their products. Here are a few examples of methods you can use, to make money with affiliate program:

1. Start a website/blog and write about different products from
Just like mine, In order to start a website/blog, I recommend that you buy web hosting at Bluehost and Install WordPress and then you can start writing content right away. Be up and running today with your very own affiliate website.

2.  Buy products on and make reviews of them
Buy products from that you find interesting and make a review of them. You can make a video review and post it on youtube or other video services. You can also post a written review on a various number of websites. Always remember to include your unique tracking ID when promoting a product otherwise you will not get paid.

3. Make video tutorials
Similar to the method above, but a quite different approach. This idea is for you to buy some products from and make som video tutorials on how to use them. Thereafter post the videos on Youtube and link them to your website or post your referral link in the description of the video.

4. Use social media or online forums
You can promote products on social media through groups or pages. Be creative and make posts about specific products with your unique tracking ID included in the link. Also, on various online forums, you can post links to a specific product.

Use Deeplinks offers something called a Deeplink Generator which is a tool that affiliates can use to make a referral link to a specific product. Use this tool when promoting a Specific product. An example of a Deep link is this URL linking to a USB cable for mobile phone charging: You can hide the affiliate link by doing this: Buy cool mobile phone charger. Same link but now the affiliate link is hidden behind the text.

About and their affiliate program

It’s easy and free to join the affiliate program. Join it right here. The program offers a good commission structure with up to 50% commission per sale. It’s more normal though to get commissions between 5-10% for most products. The top affiliates make a great living of the program. You get paid straight into your bank account whenever you want. Make a withdrawal of your earnings anytime. offers millions of products for you to promote and has over 200.000 sellers. is bigger than Amazon and Ebay together in revenue.

How much money can you make with affiliate program?

Basically, the sky is the limit. affiliate program is paying out over 100.000$ every month with top affiliate marketers making 20.000$ a month. As i mentioned earlier, I make around 1000$ a month with the affiliate program, mostly at this site, but also from youtube videos and reviews of products which I post elsewhere. My goal is to hit 10.000$ in monthly income stream from the affiliate program and my goal is to hit it within a year from now. I bet you can do the same if you are willing to do what it takes. It’s easy and free to join the Affiliate program but it does take a lot of work in order to reach the big money like the big affiliates.

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