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How to authenticate the MCM Worldwide handbags?

 Each MCM bag has a serial number on the golden plaque. For newer items, the serial number consists of four numbers and a letter. With vintage pieces, there are only numbers. The shape and size of the bags are important. 


mcm handbags serial number

An authentic bag will hold its shape when it is placed upright because of the high-quality material and the refined structure. The leather or canvas material is very soft to the touch. A smell test will reveal a fake. 

A real MCM bag will smell like leather and not glue or other chemicals. The golden plaque should be placed in the center of the bag and never to one side or the other. The plaques should be rounded and affixed to the bag with genuine slotted screws. Bags made around 2014 use rivets and not screws. 

The gold plaque should be engraved with “MCM MUNCHEN”. The serial numbers are in a thin font and the MCM is in a double line font with the trademark symbol. The logo of the bag should be neat and clean with no blurred edges. 

The handles of the bags are made of real leather and double stitched. The inner lining of the bags are soft, supple and fit the inside of the bag perfectly. 

The hardware should be heavy and have a luxurious appearance. There shouldn’t be any paint peeling off any of the hardware. The seams and edges of the bags should be straight and not frayed or crooked. There should be an authenticity card, care instructions and a dust bag that comes with each bag.

What does the Mcm logo stand for?

 Founded in 1976, MCM was developed by a couple of Mara and Michael Cromer in Munich. The MCM logo is a representation of their names. In 2005, the company was bought out by the Sungjoo Group. On many products, they are made with a cognac-colored leather that displays the MCM logo. Most products, including the bags, have a golden plaque insignia that displays a unique serial number. 

The brand reached popularity during the 1980s and reached its peak of popularity in 1993. At that time there were 250 branches worldwide with sales of $250 million. Restructured in 1997, the MCM empire trademark rights were sold to the South Korean group Sungjoo Group and re-launched in 2006. Shortly following, stores were reopened in New York, Toronto, Paris, London, Tokyo, and other locations. In 2011 MCM featured its largest store opening in Hong Kong’s Entertainment Building. 

With 70% of its sales generated in the Asain market and 30% in the European, Middle East and American markets, MCM is setting its sights on unprecedented sales worldwide. MCM Has extended its brand to include backpacks, wallets, clothing and other accessories for men and women. 

Not to be outdone by other luxury brands, MCM also has a luxury travel line that is exquisitely made and ready to accommodate any international traveler on their journey. The worldwide locations stay true to the MCM brand.

Where are the MCM handbags made?

 Located in more than 40 countries throughout the world with 500 stores, MCM products are made in Korea. Crafted from the finest qualities of leather and canvases, MCM has established its brand globally in over 40 different markets. After being out of the market for a few years, the brand was revamped and revitalized by the Sungjoo Group in 2005. 

This cognac colored handbag was reinvented when the new investors purchased the rights and began designing newer bags for the newer generation. 

This new business model has allowed the company to establish itself in the luxury market as a brand that is formidable to other high-end luxury handbag companies. 

The MCM handbags are sold in their stores or online. Their product line consists of items that are made for men and women and include items such as backpacks, wallets, accessories and clothing and shoes. They also have a travel line that includes suitcases and carry-on bags for individuals who are jet-setters. With new arrivals constantly entering the market, MCM is working towards continued success by developing products that stay current with the luxury fashion trends. 

Included in their fashion line are classic logo silk pajama sets, men and women’s workout gear, and silk sleep masks. While the cognac-colored leather remains a staple in their handbag line, new colors, such as a luxurious light blue color or a cotton candy pink color, have been introduced to create a sense of variety in the luxury brand’s designer line.

Is the MCM brand expensive?

 The MCM brand is priced competitively for the luxury market. Depending on the products you purchase, the price can range from $195 for a logo embossed baseball cap to $825 for a backpack. This brand has been synonymous with luxury and quality. 

They are designed for individuals who have high disposable incomes. Due to the more recent changes after the company was restructured, the new customer base consists more of millennials. As a result of the redesign of the company, there was a redefinition of what luxury entailed for this brand.

 This brand combines high-end fashion with streetwear, which makes it appropriate for the newer generations. With the creation of backpacks, fanny packs and active gear, these items are a perfect fit into the lifestyles of younger and more active customers. With the influence of social media, marketing the MCM brand automatically focuses the marketing efforts towards individuals of many different lifestyles in many different income brackets. 

Because of this influence, many celebrities and sports figures are wearing the brand which, in turn, is bringing a new sense of awareness for the overall MCM brand. 

Since the attention of most of the clients is on social media, the promotional efforts on these platforms have been used to attract new customers who lack the knowledge of the fallen empire of the MCM brand. With a new definition of luxury, MCM has strategically placed its brand in the market by emphasizing high-quality and high design. 

Is MCM leather or canvas?

 The MCM bags are made of the finest quality leathers and materials. The leather of these bags is often smooth and uneven. Soft to the touch, you’re able to tell that the bags are authentic by the look, feel and smell of each bag. Each bag has a factory-made smell of leather. 

The original cognac-colored leather was the staple color before the company’s reorganization. Now the brand has introduced newer colors such as light blue, pink and beige colors. 

The signature logo-printed material is known as Visetos and is exclusive to MCM. The uneven texture of the leather is a contributing factor to the uniqueness of each handbag. This uneven textured leather can be found on their wallets and backpacks. While the body of each bag has an uneven texture, most of the handles and straps consist of smooth-finished leather. 

The interior of the bags consists of a faux Nappa leather lining that fits each bag to perfection. The lining of the bags will never be too small or too big for the size, shape, and design of the bags. Whether the straps are a top handle or shoulder straps, each strap is made of the finest quality leather and the colors match the signature Visetos leather perfectly. 

Some of their handbags come with studded accents. The hardware of each bag is featured to match the color of each handbag to give the appearance of luxury and uniformity for each product. 

What is MCM leather made of ?

 Most MCM bags are made of the signature leather. With the original focus on travel pieces and accessories, MCM has a contemporary style that is supported by the high quality of materials it displays. The high-quality canvases and leathers that are used to make these handbags are comparable to the superior quality products of any luxury brand handbag. 


Many celebrities have opted to display and carry the MSM embossed handbags and accessories making them even more popular and highly coveted by discerning consumers. By constantly implementing innovative techniques, newer designs and colors have made their way to the marketplace for the MCM brand. With the original staple color being cognac, that has paved the way for newer colors such as cream, black, and pink. 

While the colors have changed, high quality of leather and the high quality of the hardware has remained the same. In an ever-changing market of luxurious products, MCM has remained true to its brand by offering the superior quality leather products they have offered in the past before the company’s reorganization. 

The focus of their brand is cloaked in the desire to continually strive for perfection. In this endeavor for perfection, MCM has made an impact on the high-end fashion market with numerous celebrities and sport athletes prominently displaying MCM products. Because of the superior quality of standards, MCM remains a staple in the luxury handbag and travel accessory markets.

How popular are the Mcm handbags?

 The MCM brand has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. After the fall of the MCM empire in the late 90s, the brand was reorganized and revitalized when it was acquired by the Sungjoo Group in 2005. 


Since the new acquisition, the MCM brand has exploded in growth in several international markets. With their largest store opening in 2011 in Hong Kong’s Entertainment building, 70% of its sales have been generated in the Asain market while 30% in the European, Middle East and American markets. MCM is setting its sights on unprecedented sales worldwide and is continuing to grow in popularity globally. 

With the change in its design and marketing strategy, MCM is more geared towards millennials where they are focusing on bringing high-end luxury fashion to streetwear. The use of social media platforms continues to drive the popularity and the demand for the MCM product line.

 Iconic celebrities have added the MCM brand to their fashionable wardrobes making the brand even more popular. When these celebrities are seen wearing or carrying an MCM product, this ensures the growth and popularity among social media users and individuals who follow entertainment. 

There is no doubt that MCM is a popular brand for handbags, travel accessories, and shoes and activewear. With a change in marketing strategy and branding position, MCM continues to strive for and maintain its place in the luxury market. The MCM product line can be purchased online or in one of their 500 stores worldwide. 

MCM Handbags Can be Found on Amazon! 

In 1976, a man named Michael Cromer founded a luxury leather goods brand known as MCM Worldwide. The brand, headquartered in Munich, Germany, originally gained popularity for being flashy and conspicuous. The brand reached its height of popularity back in 1993 and fell a bit flat afterward. 

The worldwide rights to the brand were obtained by a South Korean retail business named Sungjoo Group in 2005. The founder of Sungjoo Group, Sung-Joo Kim, re-launched the brand in 2006 in Berlin.

 Since then, the company has opened several stores around the world. Cities that have MCM Worldwide storefronts include New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and China to name just a few. One of the largest stores was opened in 2011 inside of Hong Kong’s Entertainment Building. While most of MCM’s sales are made in Asia, it is gaining popularity as a high-end brand in the Americas.

 Many people are aware that MCM handbags can be purchased from retailers such as Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus. What many people may not know is that consumers can also find a plethora of MCM handbags Amazon offers.

 Amazon has reached its level of popularity largely due to its reliability in the quality of products and delivery time. At this point, Amazon Prime orders can include anything from groceries to television sets. However, there is an unspoken notion that

 Amazon is mainly for household products and gadgets. The fashion side of what Amazon offers is still a bit unknown to the common consumer. Fashion enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that there are currently three full pages of MCM brand handbags on Amazon, along with MCM Worldwide brand card cases, belt bags, and cosmetic cases. 

The question of why a consumer should want to buy a handbag from Amazon as opposed to other higher-end retailers is likely to present itself. Going shopping at a place like Bloomingdale’s may seem more glamorous and reliable than going shopping on Amazon. 

Consumers can rest assured that they are getting the same quality on Amazon because most are sponsored by the MCM brand itself. 

Are mcm backpacks unisex ?

MCM backpacks are some of the hottest accessories in the street style arena at the moment. Small and studded, these bags can be used by both men and women to suss out their urban style. The most popular styles include the ever ubiquitous black MCM logo on a leather background. Camel brown is one of the most common colors, but you can also find these backpacks in wilder colors like pink or blue metallic alongside neutrals like black and tan.

The look for many of the MCM bags is a dichotomy between urban and classic. These are luxury bags made out of high quality leather and stitching with a brass plate featuring the brand’s logo on its base. Many of the backpacks feature added embellishments such as studs, spikes or even glitter. They come in a variety of leathers and finishes from their classic logo print to more fashionable options such as a patent leather pink or black.

MCM backpacks are priced in comparison to other luxury labels of the same prestige. They can be found in a variety of sizes ranging from small purse-sized backpacks to larger weekender bags. They provide a wide variety of styles to best suit the large audience who enjoy these bags. Some the best known styles include a rounded frame with zipper pull. However, there are also plenty of drawstring and snap closure bags to be found depending on your preference. Many feature multiple interior and exterior pockets to help you keep your things in order as you travel.

These high quality bags are designed to last for years to come, and they only get better looking with age. MCM designs bags that are meant to be used. You won’t want to leave them at home sitting on your shelf when they can be out exploring adventures with you!

MCM started as an iconic and loud 80’s brand from Munich. Today, it is loved by people all over the world for its unique designs and quality leather goods. A MCM backpack is the perfect addition to any outfit no matter what your style and fashion dictates.

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Bestseller No. 2
MCM Navy Leather Small Backpack with Camo Print
  • Made of leather; Top leather handle; Zipper closure.
  • Metal MCM logo plate; 2 exterior flat pockets at sides.
  • Inside slip pocket; Cotton twill lining.
  • Measurements: 10.75 L x 13 H x 6.5 D Inches.
  • Comes with original tags, dust bag and authenticity cards.
Bestseller No. 4
MCM Unisex Blue Visetos Coated Canvas Medium Backpack
  • Made of coated canvas; Adjustable padded shoulder straps; Front zipped pocket; 2 exterior flat pockets at sides.
  • 2 interior pockets with sleeve for 13" laptop storage; 2-way zip around closure.
  • Cotton twill lining; Silver cobalt hardware.
  • Measurements: 12.5 L x 16. 5 H x 5.5 W Inches.
  • Comes with original tags, dust bag and authenticity cards
Bestseller No. 5
MCM Stark Backpack Small Cognac 1 One Size
  • This small yet eye-catching MCM backpack is no ordinary, run of the mill book bag. This luxuriously crafted backpack is the ultimate in hands-free fashion!
  • Made of textured and strong coated canvas.
  • Dual top zip closure.
  • Adjustable backpack straps as well as a top carry handle.
  • Hardware patch at front engraved with brand logo.


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