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Remember the cute little droid from the latest Star Wars movie, BB-8? The little droid was a true hero in the movie carrying a great secret map protecting it from the evil forces. The little star wars droid was a real companion in the Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie. and now it can be your companion too, in real life. On you can buy the cool droid in a smaller version with a lot of funny features.

Star Wars droid aliexpress

Buy BB-8 Star Wars Droid on here

The droid is super cool with lots of different features. You can control the BB-8 droid trough your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. BB-8 droid learns to recognise your voice and react to it. I love my BB-8 Star Wars droid that i bought from . It has its own mind really and is intelligent and learn stuff while using it. You can set it to complete missions and really tell it what to do. One of the coolest features about the BB-8 Star Wars droid from is, that it can create, view and share holographic messages. Looks really cool. This little cute star wars droid is compatible with both iPhone and android phones and tablets as well. You can use it for 60 min on one charge.

Buy BB-8 from from this link and get a 6$ discount
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Have fun with your new Star Wars Droid from !

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